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Lot Splits- Whole Lotta Fun!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

What is a lot split?

A lot split occurs when an existing Permanent Parcel of land is redrawn into two or more new parcels. These parcels then receive approval and a new Permanent Parcel Number from the County.

Seems simple enough right? Well kind of! Like anything involving real property, certain steps must be taken to achieve this end result and each County is a little different with regards to these steps.

We are going to focus today on Lorain County. The following are steps the seller or owner of the land would need to take.

Lorain County Requirements for Request for Approval for Lot Splits and Legal Descriptions

By using the List (link below) provided by the Community Development Department with Lorain County, the following must occur and can take up to a month for final review and approval.

Lorain County Checklist for Lot Splits
Download PDF • 218KB

  1. Two Survey Maps – Seller/Owner collects from the Surveyor (must be original maps (large print) and also 2 copies of a scaled version of the original prints. These maps can be completed by a surveyor who conducts a boundary survey on the land. (Surveyor recommendations provided on request)

  2. Deed(s) – One for the legal description/parcel of land that will remain with the current title holder. Likely a Quit-Claim Deed from current title holder to current title holder.

  3. The other Deed will be the Deed used for the Transfer of the legal description of the parcel of land being sold or conveyed from the current title holder to the new owner, once the purchase transaction is ready to take place. (Erieview Title is happy to assist with the preparation of the deed(s).)

  4. Seller/Owner obtains Access Permit from County Engineers, Health Evaluation Letter from County Health and Erosion & Sediment Control Evaluation from Soil and Water Conservation

a. Permits/Letters can be requested simultaneously from each department to speed up

review and approval

b. Each will require and application to be complete and a Fee (unsure) to be paid.

5. Once approvals from each are received, Seller/Owner will present a Letter of Approval to the Community Development Department.

226 Middle Ave 5th Floor

Elyria OH 44035

P: (440)328.2322

There, all items above will need to be reviewed and approval time with Community Development is around 7 business days.

6. Upon approval, Seller/Owner will bring these items to Tax Maps department for final review and approval. The estimated turnaround time there depends on their workload and busy season times. Plan on 1 to 2 weeks.

7. After all the above is complete, the deeds and new, approved legal descriptions will be ready for transfer and recording with the county once the purchase transaction is ready to file

As always, feel free to call our office with any question regarding Lot Splits in any county! We appreciate you thinking of Erieview Title and love being a resource to you!

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